Whether you are a new business or an expanding business, the chances are you will be needing some headshots of your staff for directories and publications.

Connect Photography specialises in mobile photography. I uses state of the art lighting and camera equipment to allow me to quickly set up a studio anywhere.

I understand that in business, time is money (and most of your employees probably dread when the time comes for their 'mugshot'). I am very relaxed and efficient, and will geat each person photographed quickly to reduce the impact on your company's time as much as possible.

As well as standard corporate headshots, I can also take more dynamic, location based portraits which are ideal for management and use in corporate publications.

How much does it cost?

I can be flexible on the pricing depending on the number of people. My standard pricing is £50 as an initial set up cost and then £5 per person (with a few headshots per person). The cost per person will reduce for larger groups.

For the more dynamic corporate photography options, get in touch and I can tailor a quote to meet your specific requirements.

How how we receive the images?

You can reveive the full resolution images either on DVD or electronically via 'We Transfer' – depending on your preference.

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