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David Craig

Howdy, my name's Dave – head honcho at Connect Photography.

I am a friendly and down to earth chap, with a pretty good sense of humor.

Ever since I was a young child I have always been interested in creative things – drawing, painting and of course, photography. I love being able to capture a moment in time, in a creative way, and know that it can be there to see forever.

I've been photographing weddings for 10 years now and I love being part of people's special day. I love the opportunities to capture some stunning bride and groom portraits while also being able to capture those natural moments from the day... the moments that will never be repeated. I want couples to be able to look back and remember the day just as it happened.

David Craig

I'm a bit of a self confessed geek and I love technology. This means that I am always looking for the latest and greatest thing with photography. The cameras I use are absolutely cutting edge and considered some of the best in the business. (For the fellow geeks out there, I use Sony A1 and A9 cameras, with GM 1.4 prime lenses). I love these cameras because they are completely silent and let me capture the ceremony without that annoying click... click!

I love fantasy and I'm a keen mountaineer/climber, this is where my passion for photography really took off – capturing some of the amazing scenery that the UK has to offer. I find that this experience is really useful getting some stunning portraits, as I have a eye for including the environment into my photography. It also means that I have a nice selection of stunning places to use for engagement and 'adventure shoots'.

If you like what you see on my site, then get in touch – I don't bite!

Look forward to hearing from you,